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When should summer babies start school?

Posted Apr 24th 2015

Summer Babies.jpgIt is a big step for both children and parents alike when a child starts school, especially so if they have only just turned 4 before the September.  They will be the best part of 12 months younger than some of their counterparts and probably less physically and emotionally developed.  To every parent, their child looks too small to go to school and breaking the habit of having them at home is a daunting prospect.  Of course, if the child has already experienced time at nursery or pre-school this will often act as a valuable stepping stone for them and parents in being used to time apart and being in a learning environment.

One Staffordshire parent has decided to keep her daughter back a year so that she'll start the September after she turns 5.  However, the fight then begins as to whether the girl should start in Reception as her parents expect or in Year 1 with her peers meaning she will miss a year of schooling.

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