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Welcome to Rubble and Zuma - Our Nursery Guinea Pigs at Stoke

Posted Dec 2nd 2020

We’d like to welcome our newest additions to The Orange Tree family…..Rubble and Zuma!

Rubble and Zuma have settled into nursery really well. They love to be cuddled and held by the children (and staff too!)

The children help on a daily basis to feed Rubble and Zuma, using their maths skills to estimate and measure how much water and food is needed to refill the containers.

The children have enjoyed helping to give the new arrivals their first baths too. Learning how to care for them, while gently washing them to keep them clean. Rubble and Zuma really enjoyed having some treats after for being so good! We all loved watching them tuck into their treats!

With such wonderful care provided by the children, we think Rubble and Zuma will be very happy at Hartshill.