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Learning all about Eid at Mickleover

Posted May 19th 2021

This week at nursery we have been learning all about Eid.

Akhter kindly brought her precious prayer mat and jewellery in for preschool to explore and try on.

Picture 1_0.png

We also tried on a hijab and held prayer beads, Akhter kindly showcased how she prays and told us all about the celebrations she will have with her family.

We have also explored colourful rice and noodles, using our senses to explore the different textures and smelling all the beautiful scents.

Even the babies had fun dressing up in a beautiful baby outfit.

Picture 7.png

We would like to say Eid Mubarak to Akhter, Sajida and all of our families who will be celebrating. 

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