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Colouring Rainbows at Hucknall

Posted Feb 11th 2021

We have been learning about the weather this week. We have discussed how when the sun comes out when it is raining it can cause a rainbow to form.

From this discussion we then enjoyed painting our own rainbows using a variety of different colours. During this activity we were able to also explore colour and how colours can be changed when mixing them together.

This activity covered many areas of learning including physical development as children held the paint brushes in their dominant hand and controlled the brush strokes as they used each colour. It also covered maths as we discussed how many colours we used and which colour we used more or less of.  Expressive arts and design was also covered in this activity as we explored colour and how colour can be changed.

Well done everyone! 

screenshot_1433.pngrainbow 1.jpgrainbow 2.jpgrainbow 3.jpgrainbow 4.jpg