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Christmas at our Hartshill Nursery

Posted Dec 22nd 2020

The run up to Christmas has been a busy and exciting time for everyone at Hartshill. There has been so much to do! 

The staff worked very hard to make our Santa’s Grotto magical for the children.

We wanted to make Christmas at The Orange Tree as normal as we possibly could with everything that we’ve worked through with COVID and the restrictions and guidance we have to follow.

We can definitely say that the children enjoyed the socially distanced visit and were so happy to see Santa! And his little helper too!

The Wise Owls have been learning about winter animals and where they live over the past few weeks.

They enjoyed taking part in activities such as making safe habitats for Penguins, printing animal pictures and making lovely winter displays.

Elvis our mischievous little Elf had decided to make himself into a flour angel! The children enjoyed making their own marks in the flour, using lots of different tools to experiment with.

The children in our Caterpillars room really enjoyed exploring in the Winter Wonderland tray.

They explored the different textures that they found and enjoyed making their marks in the glitter and snow.

We hope you all have a good Christmas and New Year! santa.jpggrotto.jpg

snow angel.jpgwinter wonderland.jpghabiat.jpg