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Bank Holiday Activities

Posted Apr 28th 2016

Short of jetting off to a far flung tropical island it is very unlikey that we will get any hot sunny weather this weekend, so what else can you do if you can't get out?  Here are some of our favourite rainy day ideas:


Cakes, biscuits, pizzas, bread, anything to get your hands stuck into!

Indoor Picnic

Why should the rain stop us from enjoying a nice relaxed picnic?!  Lay the blanket on the lounge floor and grab the finger food from the fridge!

Build a Den

It's amazing what you can find in the house to make a den from - clothes airers, chairs, tables, sheets, blankets, cushions - let your imagination run wild!

Sock Puppets

We all have that odd sock lying in the bottom of the drawer that has lost its pair, time to dig it out and make a monster!  Use spare buttons, wool, pipe cleaners, stickers, and anything else you find to decorate them and bring that lonely sock back to life!

Jump in the Puddles!

If you start to get cabin fever by staying in the house, why not embrace the rain and wrap up warm in waterproofs and wellies and go in search of puddles to spalsh in and run through!  Then warm up with a nice bath and hot chocolate (marshmallows optional!) when you get back to thaw out!

Potato Printing

Why not brighten up the inside of your house to compensatefor the gloom outside - cut open some potatoes (other suitable vegetables are also available) carve a picture or pattern on the inside of them, dip them in paint and stamp away to your hearts content!

Hide and Seek

That classic favourite that never grows old - you might also get a bit of extra peace and quiet for a while too!!


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Whatever you choose to do this bank holiday weekend, we hope you have a great time!