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Animal Habitats at Hucknall

Posted Feb 11th 2021

We have been looking at habitats today and how animals adapt to their surroundings and develop different habitats.

Our children in all of our different rooms have enjoyed exploring different sensory tuff spots filled with different textures to explore how different animals live. Our babies have explored tuff spots filled with resources which are safe for them to eat such as cereals and angel delight as they learn and develop through using their different senses.

Our older children have explored tuff spots using resources such as shaving gel for the Antarctic animals and resources we have found in our garden when exploring dinosaur land.

These activities encourage and promote development in all areas including speech and communication as the children talk about the different animals and the sounds they make. It also encourages the children to use their imagination as they extend their play during role play activities in the room and outdoor areas.

Habitat.jpgHabitat 1.jpgHabitat 3.jpgHabitat 2.jpg