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Meal Times

Meal Times.jpgThe ages between one and four are a crucial time for learning good dietary habits that can lay the foundations for future good health.

Food and nutrients help to form strong teeth and bones, muscles and a healthy body, which in turn assists in keeping a healthy mind.  A healthy diet can also help to protect your child against illness both now and in the future.

Yound children's needs for energy and nutrients is high but their appetites are small and they can be fussy, so it can be a challenge to get your child's diet right.  Eating their meals in a small family group encourages children to try foods they may normally decline.

Remember, pre-school children normally only eat the amount they want and need.  At this age children are often good at regulating their appetite; so even if they are not hungry and it seems they're not taking in very much insisting on larger amounts of food can create a battle which you're likely to lose.

Cooking Club.jpgThere's no need to rely on pre-prepared toddler foods - if the family diet is healthy, children can join in and just have the family food.

The menus in our nurseries run on a 4 weekly rota which change according to the season and we aim to promote healthy eating at all of our meal times.  Water is available to drink at all times and we offer fruit and healthy snacks between meals.

All our food is freshly prepared daily in our nurseries by our cooks, who work hard to ensure that our children enjoy well balanced, nutritious and wholesome meals and snacks, including 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day.  They are an integral part of our nursery team and enjoy cooking and baking. They provide an opportunity for children to learn and experience foods from different cultures and parts of the world.

During the day the nursery will provide a healthy breakfast, mid morning snack, a well balanced lunch and afternoon tea.  We are happy to cater for children with medical and cultural requirements.  Water is available to drink all day, and we actively encourage them to drink especially in the warmer months.

Food Hygiene Rating 5.jpgWe are proud of our cooks and kitchens and pleased to say that all our nurseries have the highest food hygiene rating of 5.




Examples of our meals are:


Toast, cereal, fruit


Fresh fruit, bread sticks, dried fruit, rice cakes & spreads


Homemade spaghetti bolognaise, vegetable risotto, sausage with mash & peas, chicken pie with roast potatoes & broccoli


A variety of healthy homemade puddings, fresh fruit


Homemade pizza & carrot sticks, tuna wraps with cucumber sticks, toasted tea cakes, sandwiches & apple slices, bagels & spread with carrot sticks, cheese on toast with baby tomatoes

medium_Pasta Bake_0.jpgmedium_Carrot and Cucumber Sticks.jpgmedium_Chicken Pie.jpgmedium_Spag Bol.jpgmedium_Fresh Fruit.jpgmedium_Toasted Tea Cakes.jpg