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The Orange Tree Day Nursery

Your key person is an essential part of our nursery experience. Both you and your child will develop a relationship with your key person helping to promote positive communication. Your child's key person will track their development and ensure that they are provided with planned activities that will challenge and excite them to achieve their next steps and make the most of their potential. All our children are encouraged to share, be kind and play with each other. This helps to develop the communication skills necessary for your child to thrive in school and at home.
Meal times are a special time where positive social skills are encouraged and older children have opportunity to self manage.  Most of all we have fun, if children feel happy, secure and challenged they will naturally develop into confident well rounded young people.

Life Outdoors

Orchard_0.jpgOur Day Nurseries are blessed with amazing outdoor spaces which provide fantastic learning and challenging opportunities to our children.  Children enjoy being outdoors in all weather, they enjoy building snowmen in the Winter, sweeping and collecting leaves in the Autumn and picnics and sports days in the Spring and Summer.​

Children learn about their environment, bird watching, nature trails, and growing their own vegetables.  ​The new addition of our chickens and Chicken Close Up.jpgrabbits are a great interest and learning device for the children and they love looking after them, stroking them, feeding them and most of all collecting and counting the eggs everyday!

Equipment provides physical challenge and our 1st Ball Sport sessions promote their gross motor skills and co-ordination.  

Toddlers and Early Years

c119f5_10bd51cd68b759eee0158721abb73cbf.jpg_srz_183_253_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz.jpegInvites your young inquisitive and enthusiastic child to join in with the carefully planned learning opportunities.  There is a real focus on providing lots of physical adventures indoors and outside as well as quiet time to enjoy creative time, music and dance, and role play, all designed to meet the six areas of learning.
Children are encouraged to share and be kind to their friends.  Social interaction with their friends and carers is encouraged through small family meal times where even at a young age we talk about healthy eating.

Butterflies 3 - 5 years

41d000_36b97f51969a1858e29eb53e71fca418.jpg_srz_178_252_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz.jpegOur Pre-School  is led by a qualified teacher, activities are planned to incorporate play led learning whilst continuing to focus on your child's emotional needs. We strive to encourage your child to develop confidence, independance and to be sociable and happy.  Skills that will enable them to ask questions, find the answers and have the ability to manage future challenges. Our low 1:8 staff ratios will ensure your child has one to one adult attention should they require support.  By capturing your child's interest and enthusiasm together we will see them flourish. 


National Day Nurseries Association

NDNA Logo.jpgWe are a member of the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) which is a national charity and membership association for children’s nurseries.

NDNA’s vision is a society where all children and families receive the best-quality care and learning to enable them to reach their potential. Our mission is to empower nurseries to provide sustainable, excellent care and early learning for children.